Just took the TEAS


Just took the TEAS today and scored a 70.... Kind of annoyed at that. I been studying since Feb, used two practice books (Trivium and ATI) took 4 practice tests, knew my struggle areas. I know I can take it again (and I will) but I was really hoping for at least 80-85%.

The actual test was much harder than expected. And had material on there that was a bit different in the practice books I used.

How can I improve my score for next time?


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I made an 80% my first and only time taking it (I may retake it soon). I had about two months of studying and I purchased the practice online tests along with the study guide. On the side I watched a lot of YouTube videos, such as the Khan academy, and looked for additional free practice tests online. The unfortunate thing about the Teas Test, especially the science portion, is that they throw random questions at you. Some questions are simple and general while others are more specific, making it more difficult if you only graze over that one area. The only thing I can say is to look over it again and find other questions (online or in other books) to challenge yourself.

Im just going to go over my focus areas (math conversions and chemistry). My science portion was more chemistry-based and I struggled in that area.

I did all those practice tests online! í ½í¸© Maybe this time I'll take the ATI's assessment test.