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Hi everyone,

I've been lurking and reading this forum over the past several months, and it convinced me enough that Air Force nursing is where I want to be. Yesterday I started the application. I'm 29, am finishing up my BSN in May(have my RN already, though no job, thanks economy), and hope to commission when I graduate.

For me, the scariest part is COT. I'm already starting a running program (I am NOT a runner, so I figure I'll need the whole time!). How bad is the PT? Is there a lot of yelling? The recruiter obviously doesn't want to tell me how hard it is really, for obvious reasons. Does anyone have a training program that worked for them?

Also, this year there will only be one NTP board, so it sounds pretty competitive. What has it been like in the past couple years. I know for FY 10 they said it would be competitive then they took almost everyone, eventually.

I am so excited and nervous, because I really want this, any advice/ encouragement you can give would be great!:)

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Which running program are you doing? I found the Couch-to-5K to be fabulous -- it turned me into a runner, and I was NEVER a runner before! Good luck from an Army hopeful. :D

I agree, the with Luna about the running program. I used it to get me in shape since I will be leaving in January for COT. Now if I can just master the push-ups I'll be happy :D.

when you do the push ups for COT do they make you go all the way to the ground and can you cheat by resting your knees on ground? push ups are what i am worried about. lol

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Full pushups. No cheating. They count when your elbows make 90 degrees. The tests are now graded by contractors, and they don't count poor form. I didn't think there was enough PT at COT. Ensure that you arrive able to pass your PT test, it'll make your life much easier. I live with the fact that meeting PT requirements are part of my job description and that I must be able to pass my PT test on any given day. People who slack then try to "cram" for a PT test really are doing themselves a disservice.

Yes, there is alot of yelling at COT at first. It's not personal and it gets everyone to do what they need to quickly. The hardest thing about COT is the lack of time. Days are long. You are up by 0430 and you are rushing to turn the lights off at 2330. And then you are working not to fall asleep in lectures. Stock up and bring 5 hour energy drinks.

I have been doing the couch 2 5k, and i like it so far. Thanks for the heads up on the yelling! Also, if anyone has pushup issues, there's a website that has a plan for it, google 100 pushups. I plan on starting that as well!

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cot is long. tiring. busy. but awesome.

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