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hi there folks. My first time to this site, and have found it very interesting. I have worked at a few hospitals such as Nepean, Mt Druitt, and Blacktown, now working just west of Brisbane in Recovery there. Thought I would just say hi to you all, and will look forward to reading the postings. :roll

gwenith, BSN, RN

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Welcome from a fellow Queenslander!:D

PS being "Just west of Brisbane" covers an awful lot of territory:lol2:


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Ohhhh, okay, well how about west as in being around Ipswich? LOL. And living a bit further west than that.... between Ipswich and Gatton.

And thanks for the welcome. This is a great web site.


gwenith, BSN, RN

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Just funning! I have word "wester" than Ipswich myself!

I don't think our American colleagues realise just how BIG Australia is.


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Hello PACU_Lily and welcome to the boards.

Hope to see you around on here some time.

Rachel :)

Welcome to the group fellow Nurse. Another plucky mum doing her bit for the nursing world and keeping the family together. I love working with you mums you realy set a great example of what can be achieved. A career and a family.

West Brisbane - Ipswich? I work as an Independent Nurse Practitioner there. Keep in touch.


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Thanks for the welcome, yes west of Brissy means Ipswich in my case, and a great place to work it is.

Thank u for the nice comments re workin mums. I am mum to 6 kids, ranging from ages 11 to almost 18 [going on 28!]. It is very difficult juggling work and kids as most mums would agree, esp when working fulltime.

See ya round.

jayna, RN

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Hello PACU_Lily.


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