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I'm trying to get into an ADN program for this fall. The admission to this program is based on a point system. You get points for having different things such as previous education, degree requirements other than pre-reqs., volunteer hours, NLN test scores and medical work experience. The deadline is June 1. Today I finished A&PII. I called the Limited Entry Office to make sure they received my NLN test score. They received that, but when I asked if they received my college transcripts and proof of my BS and MBA they said they never received it to go into my file. I told them my transcipts were sent months ago and were on file in the admissions office. They said it wasn't in my file. :uhoh3: So I had to dig all my paperwork out and go to their office. They told me to go see a secretary who was going through each of the 300 files/applications. I went to see this secretary and took her by the hand and showed her my proof that I had 2 degrees and have taken all the pre-reqs. I thought that since my records were sent to the admissions office that the Limited Entry Office would have gotten a copy of my records from them. Well, I learned a long time ago to not assume anything, and always follow up and triple check that things are in place and that nothing is missing. :uhoh21:


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You are so right. Last December, 2 weeks before the cutoff date for applications, I called to make sure my "file" was complete. It beats worrying about it or finding out they misplaced something.

Good thing to do!

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Yes, I totally agree! I think I drive the admissions and nursing office at my school crazy, because I'm always calling to make sure that my files arrive. It'd be terrible if something gott lost in the mail or shuffled aside on someone's desk and delayed your admission (a year is a long time to wait to re-apply).

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Definetely check to make sure your file is complete. I finished my prereq. Chemistry class in December, but the admissions office still had my file as incomplete in January.

The Chemistry was the only thing holding me back from being accepted. If I had not called to check, I would not be starting this year.

Check your file!


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