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So I took all of my classes online this past semester. I only had to go to school for the labs, which was really nice. I, and everyone else in one of my classes, has had issues with one of our online professors.

To start, most of the assignments took him weeks, if not a month, to grade. I never knew if he had my assignments because it took so long to grade and when I would email him, asking him if he had them, he would never reply. We had two tests, no quizzes, and 6 assignments. The mid-term took him over a month to grade. The class went into the finals with at least two assignments that did not have grades.

I don't know if I would have gotten a better grade if I had more timely feedback or not. But it was the most stressful class I've ever taken. I am so glad I am finished with my pre-reqs, even though I ended up with a B in the class I am talking about.

I plan on emailing the online program and complaining about the professor. I'm just glad it's over.



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I took English 2 online this semester, I turned in all of my papers in October and November, my final three weeks ago. I have yet to receive a single grade for anything and the semester is over in 3 days, how's that for never wracking lol.



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Ugh. That's horrible. I was hoping it was just the one professor who did stuff like this. I guess not. I hope you did great in your class. That would drive me crazy. That DID drive me crazy. Hopefully enough students say something that it doesn't happen again. We're paying to be taught, and I don't consider that being taught.