Just some questions


Ok I have a few questions about Nursing School.

First I am at Jeff State in Birmingham and I was wondering if there are any others that could tell me about their experience going through the program here.

Also I was told that when I apply for nursing school I can also apply at other schools at the same time is this true?

Thirdly I am taking the TEAS test next week and I have heard horror stories about the science portion. Why is it so heavy on Chemistry? Also I was wondering how other people have scored in this state so if you don't mind sharing it would be much appreciated.


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hey, i'm 4th semester at the jefferson campus.

my semester was the first that had to take the teas, before that is was just points. that was a bummer. i was taking micro at the time and some of the material was covered the week after the test.

i guess all i can say is do the best you can. i think that they know that they will be taking around 50 students, so the top fifty scores will be offered a spot. everyone struggles with the teas. no one walks out saying it was a piece of cake, so the majority of people taking is are probably recieving an average score. and as long as your gpa and prerec grades are good you should be fine.

also the jefferson campus seems to be easier to get in too. alot more students seem to apply to shelby, so it seems they do a lot of drastic weeding out in the first semester.

alot of traumatized students end up over at the jefferson campus, after doing remediation, after flunking a semester at shelby. they seem to prefer the jefferson campus. that's not to say it's a cakewalk, it's still very tough. but the instructors a good and you do get the sense that they care and want us to succeed.

i will give you one valuable piece of advice. i HIGHLY recommend you have all prerecs completed before starting the nursing program. we've lost alot of great people out of our class, because though they passed the nursing courses, they did poorly on a prerec (micro is notoriously tough) and couldn't progress in the program as a result. i have stood in awe of those students who are passing the nursing courses, and also doing prerecs. i honestly don't know how they do it.

best wishes!