just passed NCLEX-RN after graduating 3yrs ago. What should I do to get an interview/hired


I graduated back in 2014. Shortly before graduating, I had my first and only child. I attempted to take NCLEX right after graduating and failed. My husband got a new job that required him to travel out of state for 2-3 wks every month so we decided it would be best I stay at home. That was one factor that determined my decision to stay home and care for my child (she was an extremely fussy/colicky baby and I was afraid others would not have as much patience as I did).

Anyway, she has outgrown that fussy stage and soon she will be starting preschool and now I have someone who I feel will care for her well.. MY mom. So now that I've been applying for jobs, I've been finding it extremely difficult and discouraging. I have taken BLS and ACLS courses. What others should I take, if any? I do not have any letter so of recommendation (I've thought about contacting my professors but not sure if its appropriate given the time frame)

Should my cover letter include the GAP from graduation date to receiving my license? If so, how would I word that?

And gIven my situation, what do I need to do differently (if anything) to get an interview? I live in Southern California (Corona area) and have been applying to cities in Orange County as well.

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You definitely need to have references available, so contact your professors and preceptors and explain your situation. It might be hard to get a job since you took so much time off after nursing school. You can consider a nurse refresher course - just do a google search. In addition, you might want to work as a CNA or a tech for awhile - a lot of new RNs do this until they can get an RN job. Good luck!

same boat with u! I'm afraid also im out of school for a while already. took bls,acls, pals and iv cert.

i worked jobs like care giver and companion so i have my recommendation. im hoping to try my luck this aug.

hope we do get jobs