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Just passed NCLEX-PN! Graduated 2015. Need help with Opening at prison

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Hi everyone,

I am in urgent need of help sorta quick. I graduated in 2015 from a tech school for nursing. Took the NCLEX-PN 2x and failed 😞 I had some health issues and decided to wait to retest. In the meantime I worked in a private practice as a medical secretary. I was there almost 5 years.
I recently retested and passed! Thank you God! I’m a single mom and was afraid I couldn’t do it. I come from a family of nurses and it’s my passion to be a nurse. My friend is an LPN at a state prison close to my home and just told me an opening for an LPN just became available today!

I am in my mate 30s, so not only do I think this is a great opportunity for my children and I for income purposes but also, I’m starting my career later than most and this would maximize my benefits more so than private practice nursing or a hospital.
I also think having worked in the mental health field l, that too would be a good.

I have to submit my resume ASAP. I don’t know how to even start what would be a new grad with no clinical nursing experience resume. Of course I want it to stand out.

If anyone can please help I would be forever grateful ❤️

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We often see students put their clinical experiences in their resume, I personally don't read over them that much but that's because our system is kind of a catch-all any clinical experience helps. The biggest issue you will have with this is seeing graduation date and then licensure date. Again, this is a bigger deal to some than others. Any relevant experience you should include on the resume. Certifications help (BLS, ACLS, etc) but once again are weighted differently by everyone. I know I'm late to the thread so maybe I'll hear an update that you already have the job. Good luck to you!

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