Just needed some "nursing"uplifting.


less than a month ago, a pedestrian apparently was side swiped on my car, I didn't know of this at all, felt no contact, so I left, later im with the cops, cos someone wrote my plate number down,I got taken in for 2 hours and released, awaiting court date. I am going to work with a lawyer, but what do you think the effects of this can be. I just need insight.

Sad this happened, I know I haven't been in a great mental space, working nights for a year and a half now, no sleep, I just know this is all a blur to me, but any insight relating to my career will be helpful.

thank you.

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Only the BON can tell you what the effects on your license will be, if any.

Now, some BONs only want to know about convictions, whereas others want to know about arrests even if charges end up being dropped. Find out what YOUR BON wants to know about. Look on their website or e-mail them (anonymously if you prefer), and see if this is something you have to report.

I know you said you're going to work with a lawyer, but if you haven't yet contacted one, do so. In fact, if you should have to address this matter with the BON--and especially if you ever have to appear in front of the BON--you should have a lawyer involved. The BON is not the nurse's friend: their primary concern is the public, not you. You need someone whose primary concern is you--hence the lawyer. And they are qualified to give legal advice.

Yes, a lawyer isn't cheap. But not being able to work d/t disciplinary action on your license is far more expensive in the long run.

And consider seeking professional help for getting out of your not-so-great mental space, as we can't offer medical/psychiatric advice. Don't feel ashamed to do so: you wouldn't be the first nurse to seek psych help and you won't be the last.

Best of luck.