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I know I should be lucky to have a full-time job as a LVN especially living in the Bay Area & I know as a nurse, you are expected to work some holidays but I looked at my schedule & realized I will be working all of them: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, & New Year's Day. It's great that I will get paid more working holidays but I keep thinking about all the family time I'm going to miss. I work PM shift (3pm to 11:30pm) & wish I worked AM shift or even NOC shift, so, I can make at least an appearance (I guess I can make it to New Year's Eve if I finish in time).

I am now really looking forward to the new year & cant wait for the holidays to be done & over with. :crying2: Definitely not going to call in "sick" especially since I haven't been at this job for over 3 months.

To those out there who are lucky to not be working on ALL of the upcoming holidays or at least have a decent shift to workout with your upcoming family holiday celebrations, be thankful. ;)

& to those who don't celebrate any of the holidays mentioned above, I would give you all my shifts in a heart beat. :redbeathe

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I don't think it's unreasonable to ask the staffing coordinator if that's because you're new- or how holidays are assigned/requested.... Did you request any off? If not, they may not have known you wanted any of them :) Most places have some sort of way to keep track of who worked which holiday, so the next year, it's fair. :)


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Thanks for the advice. I guess I wasn't looking into asking for time off yet but I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask either. Thanks again for replying. :)


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I've worked a few places that don't do holiday scheduling, everyone is scheduled for their usual day and shift.

You might talk to your co-workers about trading your eve shift for their day or night, there may be others who are scheduled to work on a holiday that a different shift would fit better with their plans. (With kids I always preferred working nights over the holidays.)