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just need to vent

im taking maternity class right now...i am very interested in the class as i hope to one day be a neonatal nurse...however, my instructor leaves ALOT to be desired...she reads from powerpoints, and thats it! its so boring and non-stimulating...i feel like i could stay home, read my books and powerpoints and get the same information...! i had such high hopes for this class, particularly because i KNOW that my teacher is a labor and delivery nurse for many years....just so boring and a huge letdown..okay im done! :confused:

Been there, done that! Sitting and listening to someone read a Powerpoint word-for-word in a monotone voice isn't particularly the most stimulating thing to do with one's time. What helped me through it:

1. Remember that it's just 1 class and thank God you won't be there forever.

2. Never stare at the clock -- time goes by more slowly.

3. Ask lots of questions during lecture. It helps to break things up and keeps you awake. Besides, the teacher might mention some interesting case she once had or have some fun stories to share.

glad someone understands my pain! lol..thanks, ill keep it in mind...it was so funny, our computer didnt work last nite...(i was like "yes" shes going to actually teach now!) do you know she was completely out of her element without that computer!! lol...she took quite a few minutes out of class time to get that darn thing working...


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