Just Mailed my Nursing School Application


I just mailed my application and I thought I would feel a huge sense of relief, but instead I'm even more stressed than I was before. I don't know how I am going to make it 45 days without knowing my fate. Ughhh!! How is everyone else handling this? I hope better than me.

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Today I returned my application to my school of choice and scheduled my TEAS V test for April 15 I am on pins and needles. Pray for me and I will pray for you:))

Boxer Mama

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I thought I would feel relief as well (I mailed my application on February 14th). I will not find out until sometime in mid May. I have enough to worry about with getting through my classes this semester, so I am trying to not even think about it. No point in worrying now anyways - it is in the school's hands. Just take one day at a time! Good luck!!!!


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Hello everyone, I mailed my application on the feb 20th and they started taking them on jan 1. I cried and I was so angry because I'm not a last minute person when it comes down to the important stuff, I'm ok now and the school stop taking applications on march 1st. I'm not even thinking about it no more, I have to get these other classes out of the way first.


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I don't even know when they starting mailing letters out.