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Just a little poem......

Specializes in Med/Surg/Tele.

Disclaimer: the language/descriptions used here is not meant to offend anyone

She captured and betrayed me,

Seduced and enslaved me,

Shattered; then remade me.

Inside her hell

I could not see

The evils that lived

Inside of me.

So inch by inch

She lured me in

Her bait was always

My most tempting sin.

And the pleasure she brought

Was enough to pretend

The road I was on

Was not a dead end.

But you see on her streets

You play by her rules

Amongst losers, theives,

Liars, and fools.

Her power is great

And her promises tall:

"Stick with me, kid

you can have it all".

She'll make you think

Your life is okay

As you live for the drug

...just another day.

Your blinders are on

And your armor is thick

You think you're the addict

Who's found out the trick.

But ahhhhhh......

She's seduced yet another

To come play her game

The players keep playing

And the winner stays the same.

For she's got all the power,

She's the one in control

And you're just the fool

Who's trapped in her hold.

For she is the b!tch

The one who won't die

Always in control

Until you say goodbye.


Specializes in ER, Home Health, PCU, Med/Surg.

thats awesome, a great poem for anyone in recovery or not there yet


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