just interviewed for full time office nurse position


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These docs sound like not a good collaborating team. They liked the other nurse's experience but looking to replace her? LOL In my opinion, exp. as an MA is invaluable. Two of our strongest nurses had years of MA exp and came out of nursing school as great office nurses.

Anyone who is doing phone triage should have a standard set of triage guidelines to CYA for all concerned. I second Briggs as a great resource. We use Briggs as our standard of care ("triaged per Briggs 4th Ed, abdominal pain adult protocol, page xxx").

In our setting RNs do all the triage and also the prior auths, once you get into a routine with those they go pretty smoothly. I rather like doing them. It helps to take notes on who prefers what (of course they change it all the time too, but it helps).

Best wishes. Outpatient, chronic care nursing is a great place to be!! I love it.