Just got an interview, now what question should I ask?


So I applied for this position 2 days ago and got called for an interview today. I am excited, scared and nervous all at the same time. Not about the actual work but switching jobs and leaving a company that I have worked for for the last 10 years. What questions should I ask, or would you ask from a PACU stand point? Thanks so much!


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Do they adhere to patient ratios of 2:1 and 1:1 for ICU pts?

What are the call requirements? 1st call and 2nd call? How is the rotation determined? How does holiday call requirements work?

What hours is the department staffed?

Would you be on a rotating shift or a set time frame?

How many anesthesia groups provide service? Is it several (It can be a headache if more than one group goes to the facility when it comes to gettings orders, sign outs, problems, etc.) or is it just one dedicated group?

Is the PACU expected to hold ICU patients over night or to function as an ICU overflow?

What kind of plan is there to ensure that the staff nurses have relief for lunch breaks? It can be darn near impossible some days to have a period of time where your slots are empty and you can run and eat. There should be some sort of float, charge, head nurse, etc. that is responsible for doing lunch relief.