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Just Got Hired to Work at COVID+ Shelter Site


Specializes in Public health program evaluation. Has 5 years experience.

I am preparing to work in a city centre COVID+ shelter site.

The employer is an association of physicians who have been working to provide healthcare to the homeless population in the city through cooperation with a number of shelters and support sites. They already have set up a hotel dedicated to people who are symptomatic and (hopefully awaiting testing) require monitoring as well. The second site is being set up right now and will be a dedicated COVID+ site- this will be my workplace.

I am getting some EMR training by video conference tonight and I hope to hear more information about my new temporary workplace. I will be doing some introductory shifts at the first site in the meantime. I know nothing so far about the PPE situation with this employer, or infection prevention protocols they intend to use.

I am trying to figure out how I will handle the 1hr-1.5hr commute, infection prevention, living arrangements, and all the mental health and addictions nursing skills that I have yet to learn.

Can we all workshop an order-of-operation list for leaving after a shift? Please feel free to rewrite this list I have started- I am sure you all will have something to add.

  1. Change out of scrubs at work, including socks and shoes worn.
  2. Place dirty scrubs (and head band, socks) in a separate vinyl drawstring bag and wash hands.
  3. Wipe down shoes with disinfectant and place in vinyl drawstring bag dedicated to shoes.
  4. (Doing steps 1-3 in my underwear if there is a locker room? A locker room is unlikely.)
  5. Wash hands and change into street clothes.
  6. Disinfect ID badge, car keys, locker and lock.
  7. Store scrub bag in a box in the cargo hold (or trunk?) of car. Store shoes in footwell.
  8. Hand sanitize
  9. Drive home.
  10. Leave shoe bag in car or on from porch if possible.
  11. If not doing laundry immediately, store dirty scrub bag in plastic-lined garbage or green bin on front porch or entryway.
  12. Consider where street coat and clothes may have been in contact with work site before entering home. (Keep ID badge, car keys, and accessories where? Large ziplock?)
  13. Wash hands immediately and head to the shower.

What have I missed? How would you get around not having a locker room to change in? It is entirely possible that HCWs will have a washroom to change in but I don't count on it having any showers. I am not planning on bringing a purse anywhere BTW.