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Just some general ?'s about workload, reading, etc..



So, I'm prepared for a ton of work for this upcoming semester (my first semester of NS.) I am trying to gauge what the workload is typically for one semester. I'm thinking, is it like taking an A&P class and a Micro class at the same time? Or is it just WAY more than that? :lol2:

Also, I've done a ton of the assigned reading in my Fundamentals book and there seems to be SO much info. I'm thinking there's no way to know ALL of the info, so how do you go about picking out the most important stuff. Is there a method to the madness?

Are these dumb questions or what?:lol2:


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There are no dumb questions. :)

It is really hard to compare what you do in nursing school to anything else, in my opinion. It is a lot, that is for sure...but it CAN be done. I think the workload is going to depend on what type of learner you are. Some people get the majority of their knowledge from lecture and don't have to focus as much on the reading. Other people don't understand the lecture until they read their book.

I think every school is probably different, but here is what I can tell you about mine. No, you aren't going to need to know EVERY word in every chapter of your book. However, I would listen for key things in lecture and then look at your notes and read accordingly. Unless of course you are someone who needs to read every word to grasp it.

Our instructors teach using PowerPoint presentations and I use that as a general outline for how I study. For example - right now we are covering EKGs and while the beginning of the EKG chapter in my book talks a lot about how to monitor, what each part means (P wave, QRS complex, etc) I know that my instructors are going to focus more on identification of each heart abnormality by EKG strip and how to implement the recommended treatment. Therefore, I am going to focus way more on those things than some of the things they briefly touch on. Does that make any sense?

I guess what I am trying to say is....you'll develop a system that works for you and you really have to be in class and get a feel of each instructor to really know what your study plan will have to be.

Best of luck to you!! :)

Cool! Good stuff! :) I am looking for all the advice I can get here. What year are you in?


Specializes in Oncology, Med-Surg, Nursery. Has 8 years experience.

I am in 3rd semester, so my 2nd year. Graduating May 2008!! You'll be where I am before you know it, trust me. Time flies!! I swear it seemed like yesterday that I was starting and having the exact same concerns you are. :)

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