Just finished on-line intermediate algebra prereq. Anyone taken online course?

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Very strange experience. Totally online, had to show up on campus 3 times for tests in the testing lab. Now, I'm in my fifties, starting a career change so it was a challenge. If all goes well I'll apply to schools Jan 2010 and start with the Sept. class of 2010.

I thought online would be easier - I think its harder. Bottom line - Just got a B and happy to have that.

Next summer session it's A&P I...Mon - Thursday nights from 5:30 to 9/lecture and lab. Definitely will be upping my coffee - Works starts at 8 AM...get home at 9:30 PM.

Bring it on...I'm ready.


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Oh, I HATE online courses. I just completed a 2-year program online and found that I lacked the self-discipline for online learning at first. Of course, that has now changed and I have gained the skills needed to excel in online learning. It is truly not easier and I too had thought that it would be.


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I enjoyed most of the online courses I've had, but the math ones were toughest. I cried my way through Statistics online last summer!

You'll do fine with night classes. Even after working all day, I found I could do it and I'm 43. I do recommend exercise and a great diet, though. You're going to need the energy!

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