just finished my first quarter :(


Hi everybody!

I just finished my first quarter. I did NOT do well. :( I had 2 nursing classes, and got a 'B' in one and a 'C' in the other.

I have no idea how anybody else did. They are all shut mouthed about it, which is fine, their right, but I can't tell if I'm average, or WAY below. I feel super discouraged right now. I know I didn't fail out, but those are not good grades. I'm used to doing better. The 'C' was a real shocker.

Am I doomed? :(

And no C=RN talk. :down:


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Do you know why you got a C? Were your grades on the verge of a C or were they much higher and it seems like it just jumped down a grade or so? Either way I would discuss it with the professor so you can understand why you got the grade you did if you really can't figure out why you got a C. If you know you got a C because maybe you didn't study enough or dedicate enough time to that class then you know what you can change.


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No, you're not doomed.

I agree with guiltysins. The key is to analyse what happened, and I would definitely speak with your professor, they will likely have some insight in helping you figure out what went sideways.

The important thing is to not beat yourself up. Figure out what you need to do better and then work towards that. It's a process and this is just a step along the way.

Thanks. In the real world the C is a B, but the scale is curved up a lot...so it wasn't an 84%, which meant C. :( I guess that's actually pretty standard.