Just curious if this is ok to write on my personal statement?


So I think I'm doing some great progress on my personal statement, Yay! :woot:

But I'm still thinking of important things I should write and not leave out.

I was thinking of writing something like "Anyone can be taught the technical part of nursing, but no one can be taught to have empathy or compassion..." I wanted to write this to show I am what a great nurse is, and that I possess those qualities. But I'm not sure if it comes out as saying I don't really care about the classes because I have better qualities? If that makes any sense at all.

Also, any other tips or things I should include in my statement are greatly appreciated. Almost done! :):nurse:


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just stick to this basic theme. "I have wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember"

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A lot of people believe that education can enhance caring and compassion. So don't say that. It makes you sound like only people with a special God-given gift or personality type an be a good nurse -- and diminishes the science of nursing, along with the benefits of education. Don't insult the faculty by denigrating the work they do.