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My wife and I ,both nurses,sometimes work on the same floor,therefore she has seen me in action. While she says Im a good nurse,she also says I panic,or I freak out,or I get to overly nervous or overly concerned if,lets say if I get behind,or lets say,as its happened to all of us,I miss a 1200 med and give it an hour later,or whatever.. .and I agree with her.

Now does anyone else have this reaction to a less than perfect day? or is this just my Perfectionistic Character Defect showing? And should I...as my wife told,"just chill baby"


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As a "Type A" personality, I can definately relate!!!!! There are definately times where I will get a little uptight when things are not in order, I get behind or things are a little wild. But I am learning and growing and finding out that you can't always be perfect in nursing, a hard lesson I might add. But what is important is not to let this show infront of patients, they will inevitably react to your anxiety, trust me. What also is important is to try and focus and remain calm during emergencies where it really counts...believe me I recite this info to myself all the time! And after a little while it begins to work. I just try and do better every day I work, am luckly calm in emergencies and if I am behind, I take that minute or two to step back and reprioritize, and do things in that order, realizing at the same time that I am human and can only do so many things at once...And on ocassion I take that "chill pill" which by the way can be hard to swallow! LOL!!! I must add that it must be hard at times working side by side w/ your spouse!!!! My husband and I would definately drive eachother NUTS!!!! But that is just us, at least you guys get to see eachother!!!

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Just chill, baby!

One of the highest compliments I've ever recieved is that "you seem so calm when all hell is breaking loose!" I didn't FEEL calm; I faked it. If you fake it long enough, it starts becoming real. Calm is something to strive for!

I worked with my husband for years in the ICU before he went to the Cath Lab. I still miss him!

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