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just accepted... titers needed


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i need titers for all the usual vaxes. i just got accepted and am set to start january 25th.. well i only get my health insurance back feb. 1st so i need to pay for these out of pocket. how much is it going to cost me to get these titers?

tothepointeLVN, LVN

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It probably varies form state to state but I remember US Healthworks had a package of physical/TB Test/Titers and Hep B vaccines for $120.

Check your school they probably have a provider they have an arrangement with.


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thanks, that is a lot less than what i thought.

i had a tb test done in january of this year (for a daycare job) and it costs me 140 for just that! so im really hoping its not that much

My health insurance would not cover titers. I paid out of pocket - about $200 - through econolabs.com . They had a couple local locations to go and get blood drawn and emailed results in a few days. They were the cheapest option in my area, you have to do some shopping around.

FYI If you paid $140 for a simple PPD you got screwed my friend. PPD's are $25 at CVS minute clinics. Now if you're talking Ab testing or chest x-ray that might be more expensive. Just thought you should know for the next time you need a tb test.

op you should check with your school health center, they might offer the titers. I got mine through my school and it was VERY VERY cheap.