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There is a story which I can not forget forever, about a smile.

She was an old woman with plenty of dieases, and her life would be over within a few days. Now she could not move by herself and could not speak. There were a nasal gastric tube with nutrition pump, urine catheter with a drainage bag, chest drainage instument in her body. But her consciousness was clearly.When I passed by her room, I always saw her staring on the ceiling. She was looked like so weak, pallor fratige helpless and lonely. At first time, I thought that I could understand what she was thinking. She had already lost her confidence to her life. She should feel so sad, and her heart was broken now. So I went into her room to talk with her, which could reduce her anxiety. But whithout I said any word, she first gave me a smile. Just a smile bolcked my mouth, which made me could not say nothing. Just a smile was infected me completely. Just the smile let my eyes full with tears. Just by the smile, I really feel her brave, strong and confident from her heart.

In our life, we can not guess what will happen tomorrow. And we must meet so many difficult things everyday. Do not complain to others all the days, and some one even want to suicide. You should cherish and respect your life like that old woman. In the end of her life, she could give me that smile. So I consider that we do not have any reason to be not strong and confident in our life. I shall remember the smile forever!


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Ill placed in the funny section, but beautiful and touching nevertheless. Thank you for sharing.