Juggling Job Interviews/Offers- Dilemma


I have been a nurse for about 4 years within the same hospital- a Level 1 Trauma Center. I am currently working in the OR and have decided I would like to further my education and go to CRNA school. I know that I need at least a year of ICU experience so I am in the process of finding an ICU position within my facility.

I have had 4 interviews..the first was for a MICU and I was not offered a position despite knowing several people who work on this unit who gave me good references. The second was for another hospital nearby..a much smaller hospital..in Neuro ICU and was offered a job on the spot. I declined...it was more money but I would lose my seniority and was afraid the more rural hospital would not look as well on applications. So then I interviewed for another MICU in my current hospital and was offered a job on the spot. Was very excited..had to wait for the formalities of nurse recruitment calling with an official offer. Well the offer came and I asked for a night to think it over (I was at work when they called me). The next day I was ready to call and accept the position when I received a call from the Trauma/Surgical ICU within my hospital, asking if I would like to interview with them. Why does this seem to always happen? haha

Of course, I have been dying for an interview in this unit..they bust out people for CRNA school left and right. You see EVERYTHING and you work directly with many of the surgeons I already know from the OR and many of our OR patients actually come to/from this ICU. I feel like it would be a great experience to see the other side of the spectrum. Well I decided to call the recruiter back and ask for a little more time so I was able to interview. They requested I give them a response for MICU by the following week. Well I interviewed yesterday for Trauma/Surgical and I felt it went really well. Of course, I won't know for a little while if I got it but it really puts me in a tough spot. Do I keep holding off with an answer for the MICU, risking that the may recant the offer and move on? Do I speak with recruitment and tell them my issue? Do I accept MICU because it IS a job and it'll be at least 4-6 weeks before I can even transfer anyway. Do I turn down MICU and see what happens with trauma/surgical?

I am blessed to have options..I am in a position that most people would LOVE to be in..but I am torn. I don't want to burn bridges but I also would like the best experience I can get to prepare me. I have time...I don't plan to apply for CRNA programs for about 2 years...so the ICU job isn't a necessity right now so I don't feel a ton of pressure to get the ball rolling. Which makes me feel like I could hold off for what I really want (trauma/surgical) but I've heard time and again "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" especially with the job market these days. Any advice? I feel awful for even considering accepting MICU for now and if I got the trauma job then ultimately backing out of the MICU position. I know it makes me look bad...but I also see this as business...it's nothing personal. I have to look out for me. Ahhh...help?


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I was just in a similar situation - when it rains, it pours! I hesitated for a second upon receiving the job offer, and HR told me to take a few days to think about it. The job was great, but it was another job that I coveted. I had the interview, and then followed-up with the recruiter to tell then that I had another offer. I hated to do that because it sounds fake, but I explained that this job was my first choice, and I had a limited amount of time to give the first job a decision. The recruiter worked with me and notified the manager. They were wonderful; they put together an offer quickly and got back to me the same day. I did feel bad because the people were so wonderful with the first offer, but I'm so happy I juggled to go with the job I truly wanted.

I would be honest and ask what their timeframe is (they always say yesterday) but you'll know when you see if they move quickly. Also, the smaller the company/hospital system, the quicker they'll act because there are less hoops to jump through. Good luck and let us know what you decide. :)

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Agree with PP, I would let the unit you last interviewed for know that you have an offer on a different unit but that you'd really like to move forward with them if offered the job. I am sure they would be understanding and since you already work for that hospital they should be able to give you an answer prior to the week deadline. Hope you find what works for you!