Judge my cover letter?


Hi everyone,

I'm a new grad and i found a great opening in the OR of a local hospital. I don't want to mess this up so please help. Let me know how this cover letter looks so far. I am very nervous about it. I have not put the last paragraph on yet saying how I appreciate them looking at my resume and hope to hear from them. Please let me know what you think and be brutally honest. Thanks so much!

My name, RN, BSN

My address

November 29, 2012

Hospital name

and address

I am eagerly applying for the Clinical Nurse II-Operating Room position that is open to new grads. I found this opening on your website and feel that I would be a great candidate for this position. I have always considered HOSPITAL to be a great hospital and I have high aspirations of being an OR Nurse.

I recently graduated from the University of AWESOMENESS in May 2012 and passed the NCLEX in September 2012. As a consistently detail-oriented person with the strong ability to multitask, I feel that the operating room would be a place where I could thrive. I believe my educational experiences have given me the skills needed for this entry level position. My practicum was completed in the ER of PRACTICUM HOSPITAL in CITY and I quickly learned how to identify potential crisis situations while triaging patients, prioritize which patients to see first, and delegate tasks to other members of the team. I also became quite proficient at IV starts.

Through my clinicals and time spent at the HEALTH CLINIC I have learned and demonstrated application of evidence based knowledge, theory, practices, principles, and processes of professional nursing. My time spent as a waiter in a busy CITY restaurant has only enhanced my abilities to multitask, prioritize, delegate, and critically think.