JU vs LU?

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I am looking for opinions and comparisons between Jacksonville and Liberty's RN-BSN programs. I have researched both at length and I am concerned what LU's actual reputation is like, I have read both good and bad things.

My main dilemma is the amount of time it will take to complete the programs. JU will not accept any of my transfer credits so it will be a total of 28 months to complete. I have not gotten the final word on a timeline for LU but I assume it will be much less than 28 months because they will accept my transfer credits.

It is important to me that there is no clinical component to the program so that is why I am leaning towards these 2 programs.

I want to make sure I receive my BSN from a reputable university and nursing program. My long term goal is to become a nurse practitioner and I do not want to encounter any issues getting accepted into a program because of where I received my BSN.

Thanks in advance.

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I have looked into both as well. I'm considering Univ. of St. Francis now RN-BSN online. They are pricey but do not require Pre-reqs other than your RN and have a NP program online as well.