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JSR Nursing Fall 2015


Hey all,

Ive applied for the nursing program for Fall 2015 at JSR. I was wondering if anyone would share their kaplan scores? I am super nervous! I have a 3.9 GPA, yet did not score very well on Kaplan. Reading 86 Math 86 Science 60 Writing 65 I was told my admission score was 75.2? I know we wont find out until July but I am super nervous. Thanks to anyone willing to share

Hi TallyBrown, did you get into the program? I will be applying for the Spring 2016 or FALL 2016 program. Do you have any advice in terms of the Kaplan test?

Im applying but I need to retake the test. I bombed the science part. I got a 96 in math a 95 in reading and 62 in writing. I got a 35 in science. That's fine for the lpn program but rn needs 50 at least. Im hoping to get that score to an 80. I heard the questions are similar.

hey Ladies I won't find out until july. Im still waiting..... :/ super nervous, Im taking stats in summer. Only advice I have is study study study!! Ill let you guys know if I get in or not....

Hey! I got a 91 in Reading, 89 in Math, 81 in Writing and 50 in Science.....smh. My overall score was a 79. I took it twice and got the same scores!!! I was so upset! My GPA is the minimum, at 2.56. I had quite a few bad grades from when I was younger. I can only anxiously wait at this point and hope for the best!! I have been checking my mailbox everyday since Thursday...I am sooooo nervous!

I ended up applying for the lpn. I got a 45 in science on the second try. I was so angry. However I called today they sent the letters out today we should know by Wednesday

Oh ok!!! Thank you for posting that, because I have been on the edge of my seat. I'm sorry, I know how you feel about taking it twice and still not doing as well as you hoped! My co worker also applied for the LPN program for fall 15, she hasnt heard anything yet...but good luck! Post when you get your letter!

I'm nervous because the program head said they only accepted 20 students and 5 alternates. I am staying because all my shoes were good actors science my GPA is good, I have already taking all the classes needed for a BSN i just need to get into clinical rotation. With only 20 Ppl getting in and purple applying for RN and LPN just in case they don't get in, it's making my nerves bad. I'm doing this to take care of my kids and to be in their lives more it's a scary situation for me.

Thanks so much for posting!!! I'm so nervous I should have applied for LPN too!!

My Swype got the best of me lol

I should have too!!! I didn't think of it until it was too late. Post when u get urs too! I keep wanting to ask people if anybody got theirs yet but I don't have many people to ask! Lol

I just got my acceptance letter into the LPN program YAYYYYYY

a girl in another forum got hers. I cant tell whether it was today or yesterday...I assume today since yesterday was sunday. I haven't gotten anything yet...