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Several of us new grads in my area want to start some sort of journal club. (Most of us are critical care, but some are med/surg, oncology, and peds) The idea came to us because we sometimes find it difficult to read more after we just finished our nursing program- however, we recognize the need to read more as new grads. We thought doing it as a group would be motivating, and actually fun (maybe provide each other with a little support along the way). I'm sure several of you seasoned nurses have done this. What did you find to be the best way? Have 1-3 people present articles that we have all pre read? or have everyone read something different and teach out of their experiences that they have had on the different units? Have you found this to be helpful to learning, or just a waste of time? Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks so much. HollyKate

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