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Joliet Junior College RN Program... applying for Spring 2013

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Hello, I am a pre-nursing student at JJC. I'm planning to apply for the Spring semester and take my TEAS during the fall.

By the end of the semester, I will have all the required courses for the program except BIO 251 and 240.

I'm estimating my GPA for the required courses to be a 3.0 or higher by that time too. I have two C's back in my first year for english101 and psych101 (which I really regret.) taken in a university I attended.

Should I retake those courses before applying to the program? or attempt to apply during spring anyway?

What do you think are my chances of getting in? JJC is my only option right now, because I can't afford to go to university. I also really enjoy the environment and all my teachers.


Please help, I need some advice. I plan to see an adviser soon, but I'd like other opinions to help me weigh out my options. Thank you for reading! I am a really hardworking student despite "the past", and very determined to make it into the program.

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it is a very competitive program but dont worry too much about your C's. As long as you have pretty good grades in all the other prereqs you should be fine. the things they look at most are your reading score on your teas and the overall teas score. If you feel like taking the classes you can, but i would suggest looking into the universities. I really can not afford the university but St. Francis is working with me to get all the scholarships I can to pay for it. That is another option for you.

I would apply and take the TEAS. I had a C in psych from 20 years back. I retook the class online. I don't know if it was necessary or not. I was accepted into the program on my first application and will start my second semester this fall. If BIO 240 is microbiology - I loved Prof. Bellas. Try to get into one of his classes if you are able. Prof. Murdoch was my A&P instructor and I loved her classes. Good luck.