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Hey i was wondering if anyone could tell me a little about being a Navy Nurse. Pay, Bonuses, Hours etc. Thanks


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Hi. There's a whole forum dedicated to military nursing where you might get your best response. Click the specialty tab and scroll down to the "Military + VA nursing" forum and try your post there.

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There are multiple posts in this forum regarding your questions, do a search and you'll find tons of information. Take a look at one of the recent ones entitled, "Wanting to join the military, but have children." Some of your questions are in there. The rest we can fill in.



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Just wanted to wish you luck! :D There is also information on the Navy's website. I was contacted by a regular recruiter and he automatically gave me the number of an officer health care recruiter, which is who you would want to talk to if you are going to go in as a nurse. You need to have your BSN for the Navy, but there are programs you can utilize through your last 2 years of school.


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