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Johnson city Nursing


Hi, I will be moving to Johnson city soon, and I was wondering if anybody knows what the pay is for a entry level nurse there, and how is the work enviroment. Also, how is Johnson city, is it a nice palce to raise a family?

Thank you for any information you may give me.


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It's been a while since I lived in Johnson City (I live near Boone now), but my husband and I really enjoyed it. Good place for a family, fairly conservative area. I don't know what entry-level pay is now, but I found that the JC area paid less than other parts of the south. I worked at Holston Valley Med. Ctr. in Kingsport, they offered me more money than the Medical Center in JC.

Hope this helps and good luck with your move!


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JCMC starts new RN's at $18.00. I work there now and I like it. Had clinicals at Holston Valley found most of the floor staff to be rude to the nursing students. Not sure if it was because we were students or because we weren't BSN students.

I realize this thread is older, but thought if you were around you might give me some out look on how JCMC turned out for you? I am looking at a contractual assignment on a cardiac PCU floor. Any suggestions?


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I work med-surg and I wouldn't work another floor, so I'm not familiar with the cardiac floors. One of the girls I graduated with works the cardiac pcu floor and she loves it. Sorry I'm not much help.

You were a help, thanks for the reply. Now if I could only get the agency to not be so cheap! They dont seem to be offering me what I feel is appropriate. :( Sarah

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