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Hey guys!

I got an offer for an offer for Johns Hopkins CTSICU - anyone familiar with the unit and have advice? I would be taking a significant pay cut if accepted but I want to switch to CVICU to apply for CRNA in the future. Not sure if the name is worth the pay cut but if the experience is then it's worth the move. Thank you! 

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What ICU are you currently in?

It's not always true that CVICU gives you "the best experience" for CRNA school; what's most important is the level of acuity of the patients you get, and whether you can get leadership roles in the unit. Also, if the unit is supportive of you makes a huge difference! 

Sometimes starting over in a new unit, you won't be given the sickest patients for a while and if the unit is not supportive, open to leadership roles for you etx then it can lead to burnout and even stifle your application process. 

**This is general advice, not specific to Johns Hopkins CTSICU. Just some things to consider before you make the move (and take the pay cut ? )

Hope this helps. Cheering you on!! 

Thank you so much for this! It will actually be my first ICU job and CVICU shadowing through ICUs was my favorite to learn. I had another offer CVICU mixed acuity, where ECMO would go to the SICU instead, but still get to recover hearts. Perosnal life wise, the mixed acuity makes more sense but Hopkins is higher acuity so I'm torn.  

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, and your desire to get into anesthesia aside, choose an ICU job because you want to be an ICU nurse. Become an expert then look to the future. Using a job as a means to an end will divide your attention and intentions and it won't go unnoticed. Sounds trite, I know, but forget about anesthesia for the time being and focus on becoming a go to CC nurse. 

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