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Johns Hopkins ABSN or Maryland CNL??? HELP!


Okay - So I know there has been a past thread on this before; however, I still have questions.

I've been accepted to Hopkins Fall 17 month ABSN and am waiting to interview for MD 21 month CNL program.

1st concern - Money: Hopkins is close to $70,000 while Maryland is close to $40,000. for Hopkins I qualify for about $30,000 in federal loans plus possibly up to $20,000 in need based grants from Hopkins. The rest would be private loans. I'm an independent student with a very very very low salary. Maryland I would be able to take it all out in federal loans.

2nd concern - the Hopkins program is an entire semester shorter and gives 5 weeks off for winter break. I would graduate December 2013 while for Maryland I would graduate May 2014. If I went to maryland I would have to take out 5 more months of loans to live which therefore adds about $8,000 to the price of the school. With hopkins I'm hoping to have an offer after graduation or start my masters immediately. Also Maryland wouldn't give me time to go on Birthright.

3rd concern - I want to be a PNP ultimately and I know that in 2015 I might possibly need a DNP. From Maryland's CNL would I be able to go straight into DNP or no because it's a general masters. would I need a specialized masters. Would a general masters make me less competitive?

4th concern - Hopkins is nationally known and I want move one day to California. It's the #1 school while maryland is #11.

5th concern - the average age of the Hopkins program is 26 and maryland is 32. I'm 24.

6th concern - I can literally walk to Hopkins nursing from my house (half mile) or take the circulator but for Maryland I would need to commute.

Okay wow... thank you to anyone who reads this. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Sounds like Hopkins is a winner!