I was wondering if there any jobs to look into at a hospital or nursing home or just someone in healthcare a 18 year old student with no work experiance can get. Or ones that require some training but nothing over a long time like a LPN. CNA doesn't sound like it's for me with everything they do.

So basically what i'm saying is, is there any jobs that require no training or up to 2 or 3 months training I can look into???

I'm looking into part time while at school and just want to start getting involved and familiar with the setting.

Sorry if thats confusing but thanks!!!!


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While I may not know specifically of any positions that may require little training in the hospital, I can suggest you speak with someone in the HR department to see what they are offering (or you can look this up online.) A younger sister of mine actually was turned down for an entry-level hospital position and went to their volunteer department. After three weeks of volunteering, she was offered a paying position since they saw her strong work ethics and eagerness to learn more. Good luck!

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In some of our facities, we have positions such as "runners" who deliver supplies between departments and transportation aides (who do uncomplicated transports & assist with complicated ones), valet attendants, etc. All of these types of jobs are routinely filled with people such as you. My advice? Contact your local hospital HR departments. If you have an opportunity, be sure to let them know that you plan to pursue a career in healthcare -- it wouldn't hurt.

Did you put any thought into EMS? The initial training fits your time requirements and the hours are often flexible.

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