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Hey guys just a quick question, i have read a couple of different threads on here where after the first semester of nursing school people are saying they are getting jobs as "nurse techs", but they had to go after the first semester was finished. I work now and it is nothing even kind of relvant to nursing or nursing school beside maybe the aspect of paying for it. I have to work so i was just wonder how would one go about looking for this type of employment because i have to work to pay bills and stuff and i figure it wold help me feel more comfortable around pt and please help if you have any onformation about a such thing....thanx :-)

It depends on the hospital. There are all kinds of different names for positions like this, but they are usually all CNA or nurses aide type jobs. There is student nurse tech, health care tech, NA (nurses aide, not certified), PCA (patient care assistant)... that's all I can think of, but I'm sure there is more. When you look on a hospitals job website look for anything in nursing support. You can apply to pretty much anything that does not require a certification, such as CNA. However if you want to make yourself even more marketable, most states allow you to challenge the CNA exam and become certified. You will still have to pay of course but your semester of nursing school takes the place of CNA school. Some hospitals (such as UCSD here in S. California) will only hire certified personnel.

I graduate in May 2011 and I am a PCA-Student Nurse. It's basically a CNA but not certified and since I have student nurse in the title everybody knows I'm a nursing student. This is kind of nice because nurses will sometimes explain or show me things that they might not if they just thought I was working in this job indefinitely.

Good luck! Keep applying because in this economy even these types of jobs are hard to come by.

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