Jobs outside clinics, hospitals or offices.


Hi Allnurses,

If anybody has the time, kindly weigh in on nursing jobs outside of the usual

hospitals, etc. I love to care for patients,:nurse: but hate the inevitable politics. Am I dreaming that there is something else out there?




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Sadly, workplace politics are present everywhere, so I can't really help you with suggestions of places that don't have politics.

But....there's always community health, school nursing, nursing informatics, nursing in a correctional facility, etc. I met a woman not very long ago who has been in occupational health nursing for years, and LOVES it. She and one other RN work for a manufacturing company, and they go from plant to plant to do yearly physicals. So many things to choose from!

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Yep, politics abounds averywhere. Regarding school nurses, I hear schools are awful in that dept.

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There's also psych nursing in psych facilities.

Working night shift is one way to avoid some of the office politics. And working in a small facility/unit can sometimes work out better as fewer coworkers can mean less office politics.

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