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My wife and I are both BSN students with the long term goal of becoming CRNA's and THEN moving to Hawaii. I have read that the job market in general is much tighter in Hawaii. Specifically, with regard to nursing I have read that many Advanced Practice RN's are forced to work as regular RN's. Does this situation extend to CRNA's as well? Is there a reasonable chance that we can BOTH find employment on Oahu or elsewhere in the state as CRNA's? Before deciding on nursing I had strongly considered pharmacy. Would this be a better choice for this state?



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Just look on


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referenced on this board as a good source for job/ and or salary information. Another site to consider (at least for determining salary ranges of various occupations IN various locales) is . indicates salary ranges in virtually every job market in the nation. Unfortunately it does not have any indicators as to job demand/availibility. It is possible to have a relatively high salary range for a profession in a given area while at the same time there being FEW such jobs availible (consider the position of museum curator for example).

It's too bad that someone doesn't develop a statistical algorithm that attempts to quantify job DEMAND in various markets thoughout the nation (and beyond). Local newspaper want adds and information obtained from job recruiters could serve to provide the statisical "meat" to fuel such a tool. This would be valuble information that would represent a signifcant improvement over simple, average salary ranges.


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Don't rely on TOO much. I've found out that the salary range they list for my area is many thousand lower than reality. They list 90K-100K starting salaries, but all of the anesthesia groups are offering 130-140K plus GREAT benefits to new graduates. But It is a good indicator.


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Good luck and keep us informed!

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