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Jobs for foreign nurses

Solveig Solveig (New) New

I´m a nurse (RN) and live in Iceland.

I´m curious about how it work´s for foreign nurses to get a job in USA? Are there any companys that are seeking for nurses from Europe? What do I have to do if I´m interested in working in USA?

Regards, Solla.:)

Moved your thread to the International Forum where it is more appropriate. There is a sticky at the top of this forum called Primer for working in the US. I would start with reading that to see the specific requirements. You are going to need to get licensed as an RN in a specific state, and pass the English exams as well. You need to have passed at least the NCLEX-RN exam to even get a job offer legally.

I would also take the time to do some reading here as the US has been under a retrogression for the past two years and we do not expect it to end anytime soon. You are looking at several years for a chance at a green card and that is from the time that you would be petitioned; not from now.

You can easily do everything on your own, no reason for an agency to have any part of this for you.

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