what jobs can I do while in LPN school?


I am in LPN school and am broke, broke, broke!!! Most of my classmates are CNA's and can manage to work around the crazy school hours. I am not an CNA and was wondering if there are any jobs that I can do in the field while in school? I need the flexible hours that the medical field can provide.

I can sit for the CNA test and am waiting for springfield to mail me the date to take the test. But I would like to find something now. Any suggestions? What kind of job can I get with the nursing school/clinical experience only?


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Have you tried going to a temp agency? Sometimes they have industrial jobs that have PM shifts or weekend work. Otherwise you might be able to do some light clerical work as a fill in and work around your school schedule. Otherwise, get your CNA certificate and try to get your HHA certificate too, if your state has that. As a HHA, you are more likely to find some flexibility, or you can combine part time HHA with part time CNA work. If you go to a staffing or home health agency you can arrange any kind of schedule around school that you want. Good luck.

I would suggest going to a hospital to try to get a job as an NA same thing as a CNA just you don't have to take the CNA test. The good part about working at a hospital is the experience will help you with your LPN school and once you are out of school you will have more of a chance to get hired there.

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