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I have been an LPN for 8 months now at a LTC facility. I am getting tired of doing the same thing everyday. My facility is relativley small with little room for advancement. I want to become a burn-unit nurse and I fear that staying here will only limit my chance to develop new skills.I just want to learn the most that I can, but by passing meds all day and PEG tubes, and catheters I'm getting bored almost. Now, I am only 20yrs old and I am taking to college classes while working full time (trying to get RN). I am getting burnt out and emotionally drained from all of the death around me. I have been employed at the same place for almost 3 years, so the residents are really attached to me, so above all I'm scared to leave them. What should I do? / any advice?

Specializes in Pediatrics, Emergency, Trauma. Has 18 years experience.

What do you want to do?

What is your market like for RNs in you area? do you need a ADN or BSN in order to get into the burn unit?

Understand you may not get into that position immediately after obtaining your RN, you may have to work years in Med-Surg, or get into increasingly acute areas until you get the position; are you willing to do that?

If you are getting burned out as you say, then cast your net wide and find other areas of nursing that hire LPNs, like rehab hospitals, corrections, wound care/hyperbaric clinics, home health, etc, and go PRN at your current employment.

Best wishes.