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Job searching with epilepsy


Hi everyone! I am less than 3 weeks from graduation and have been job searching for a couple weeks now. I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy and am concerned about jobs. I have had absence seizures while working on a night shift job 3 years ago. I was also a full time student, pregnant, and my husband was deployed at that time so I'm not sure if it was a combo of all 3 or if it's just because of my epilepsy. As I'm sure you are all aware of, most jobs state days/nights on their job description. How do I go about applying for these jobs. On the application, it states "what shifts can you work: days, evenings, nights, rotating, weekends, and holidays". If I don't check nights on this question, will my application/resume make it pass HR? This also may be a stupid question, but I thought I'd ask anyway: Would I be able to apply for a strictly night job, make it to the interview and tell them that I can't work nights and hope they have a day shift open? Some of my friends have been applying for some jobs that are prn or nights, like it is listed on the website, and find out from the employer once they get an interview that they have multiple positions open with different shifts. Thanks for any input!

wish_me_luck, BSN, RN

Has 6 years experience.

Apply for day shift only and don't check nights. That is what I do--I am in a monitoring program, so I can't work nights; however, I do understand the epilepsy thing because I have a history of seizures myself (but mine is a history, doing really well currently).