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I know I am a year ahead of myself but I like to look around and see what options I have when the time arises. I hear alot of things about LPN's starting their experience in a nursing home or clinic. What kind of clinic hires LPNs? I am not sure but I was trying to look at some clinics here where I live and they dont have online job posting like hospitals. Hospitals here welcome LPNs with open arms but I just want to research all my options.:D


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You just have to do your research. Every area is different. There are state job listing sites, OneStop type job banks,,, local newspapers, etc. And really, its probable that if you just walk into a LTC facility and talk to them, thats a really good way to get a feel for their needs, and LPNs are a mainstay of LTC so its a pretty good shot.


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From what I hear Clinics are the lowest paying, hospitals pay a little more, and LTC pays the highest. In my school, we will have clinicals at all of the above, along with a few at the local head start, I think you will get a feel of which of these areas you would like to work during your clinicals. Then ask about the hiring process. The class that proceeded mine, most had jobs waiting for them upon graduation.

Good Luck.

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