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Periodically, some of the members post topics asking what types of jobs they can do away from the bedside. I am always finding jobs that do not involve acute care, LTC or HH either by surfing around. I also get a lot of cold calls from recruiters. I would like to periodically post these jobs as I find them so some of the members can get an idea of what else is out there. I also think it would be good for the newer nurses and the students to see that there's life away from the hospital and know that there is more to nursing than starting IVs, inserting catheters and the other "technical" skills. If anyone else runs into these please add on.

Medical Education Specialist

Corporate. Minneapolis, MN

We are currently seeking an Education Specialist to work with an instructional design team to prepare and execute training programs for new products and services provided in the clinics. This position will act as the liaison between internal content experts and instructional designers to ensure the development of effective and accurate training modules.

Essential Accountabilities:

- Act as a subject matter expert for xxxxxxxxxx training programs (learning modules) by learning new clinic skills or technologies and writing and updating learning modules for clinic staff.

- Work with internal and external instructional designers to create new learning modules and develop their content.

- Represent the training and development function at various committees and internal meetings in order to increase visibility of existing training programs and to identify areas where new modules need to be developed.

- Act as a central contact for xxxxxxxxx Clinical Coach program, and assist in train-the-trainer programs.

- Participate in the testing and piloting of new learning modules.


- 2 year degree in a healthcare, business, education or related field - bachelor's degree preferred.

- 3 or more years of experience in a clinical, business or healthcare setting.

- LPN or RN license preferred.

- Experience effectively working within a team to complete projects.

- Previous experience in research, education and/or training.

- Proven ability to work with various individuals from different disciplines to think critically and analyze research data.

- Knowledge of various adult learning techniques.

- Strong written and verbal skills and the ability to relate to clinical as well as non-clinical staff.

- Excellent computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office suite applications.

- Proven ability to write technical documentation.

- Ability to work under pressure and exhibit resourcefulness and flexibility.


We're looking for innovative individuals who enjoy a fast paced, ever changing environment to be actively involved in our company's strategic growth. Expect a competitive salary and benefits package including company paid parking, and the opportunity to expand your skills.

I blocked out the name of the company because I wasn't sure if it's allowed per TOS. Mods I'm sure you will let me know if this topic is a prob.


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I'd love that. Most of the jobs that I see like that insist on a BSN but often want an MSN so that cuts me and a lot of others out. Back when I started nursing, an Associates could get you anywhere but not anymore. Heck, even McDonalds wants college grads to be a shift supervisor now-days.

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I'd love that. Most of the jobs that I see like that insist on a BSN but often want an MSN so that cuts me and a lot of others out. Back when I started nursing, an Associates could get you anywhere but not anymore. Heck, even McDonalds wants college grads to be a shift supervisor now-days.

Yeah truthfully, most of the jobs I run across will require at least an RN-BSN but there are quite a few that do not. But that's another good reason for posting these because a lot of people who come into the profession are confused about what degree they should pursue and what job opportunities they should consider in order to advance their career. By looking at these postings, maybe those who are on the fence about one or the other can get an idea of what they might want to do in the future. Also, those second career people who have other degrees can get a glimpse of how they might use their other skills and education. Here's another:

Job Title: Precertification Nurse Consultant - (RN or LPN)

Job Group: Health Care

Requisition #: 21107

Location: FL

Secondary Location: GA

Travel: 0 - 10%

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Full/Part Time: Full Time

Supervisory: No


Pay Opportunity: $42,655.00 - $54,120.00

Bonus Potential: Variable %


-Supports comprehensive coordination of medical services including making initial coverage determinations, screening and referrals to xxxxxxx

-Promotes/supports quality effectiveness of Healthcare Services

-Collects information prior to inpatient admissions and performance of selected ambulatory procedures and services

-Requires advance eligibility verification, determination of coverage, and communication with the physician and/or member

-Coordinates the patient's transition from the inpatient setting to the next level of care (discharge planning), or to refer patients for specialized programs such as Disease Management, Case Management, or our prenatal program


-Practical Nurse (LPN) or LVN depending on state requirements, or RN with current unrestricted Georgia or Florida state licensure is required

-(3-5) years recent clinical experience in a hospital, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility or physician's office

-Managed care or utilization management experience preferred but not required

-Must have proficient keyboarding skills and ability to navigate through multiple computer systems.

-Requires excellent communication skills and ability to multitask with an emphasis on quality and productivity


-This position can be located in either our FL or GA office

-Precertification may either be done telephonically or electronically, through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or Internet solution

-Position is primarily sedentary work involving significant periods of sitting, talking, listening and data entry

-Work requires visual acuity to perform close inspection of written and computer generated documents as well as a PC monitor

-Working environment includes typical office conditions


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Great idea, Sharon! However, it is also important for new grads to note that these positions usually DO require acute care experience. Many students have the idea that they can get a non-clinical job right out of school. That is an unrealistic expectation for the most part.

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