2 Job Offers - Which Do I Take???


Hi! New grad nurse in just a few days woohoo! I have a decision to make though. Let me preface with my dream job - nurse injector at an aesthetics office. I have an offer for a day shift position on a neuro telemetry floor at a local hospital. I also have an offer at a dermatologist office. I know that the derm job will look great on a resume when applying to aesthetic office jobs. But, I feel like I'm just "supposed" to work at a hospital post grad. I know that if I wanted to be in the hospital long term I should take the neuro floor job. Would it be wise to take the dermatologist office job since that is the direction I want my career to go? HELP! I have no family in healthcare and my mom thinks I should take the hospital job for the street cred, but I just don't feel like that's where I'm being called. I'm stumped. Any advice at all is so appreciated!

Specializes in medical/surgical ICU, L&D. Has 3 years experience.

Take the job you feel you are more passionate towards. If you had a goal of peds, ICU, NICU, OB, etc then I would go the hospital route. But since you want your career to go in derm/aesthetics then go for it b/c you have the offers for it!

You absolutely don't have to take the position that it just "feels," like you should. Nursing is an incredibly vast profession and some nurses never work in the hospital or acute care a day in their life. They are no less nurses. 

It seems the derm office is closer to your overall goals by far. I would be curious what they will be having you do. It's important to me to truly work the scope of my license so as long as they won't be giving you MA or CNA type work and will actually challenge you and grow you as a professional, it sounds like a neat opportunity.