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Where I live MOST new grad positions are obtained via new grad programs and those are very hard to get. Are there new grads that just get straight hired into a staff RN position without a specific program? If so, I would assume there is some orientation? I can't imagine I could be hired for a position and just start working without some more training. I am applying for positions that don't require experience but I feel like I would have no chance being a new grad. Thanks :)

Most of the new grad programs where I live (central NJ) have gone by the wayside. I was hired as a new grad by the hospital where I was already employed as a paramedic; my unit then hired another new grad who had been a tech there....most of the newer nurses who were hired as new grads, at least on my unit, had been with the hospital as techs or unit clerks before getting the RN.

For me, it was a six-week orientation with a preceptor and then I was cut loose. Scary at times but the other nurses are so helpful I'm never really alone if I need help.

Good luck and keep looking!

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I was hired by an ex clinical instructor at a LTC/Rehab and I am not going through a new grad program. Orientation/precepting until we all feel like I can be alone. I love it!!

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Thanks for the replies :) All I hear about are new grad programs but it seems like that isn't always the only option ;)

There is only one hospital by me that does it, they pay very low for the area and the NGRs aren't promised a position. Sounds scary to me!

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When I was a new grad a few years ago, I got hired right into a RN position.

The problem is that the facilities that do have new grad programs are the ones that are much less likely to hire a new grad straight into a RN position. If you're applying to staff jobs at such a facility, keep that in mind.

Otherwise, while new grad programs are great, they are not necessarily the only way to get hired.

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