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Job market in Asheville?

by kkit kkit Member

Hi all! I just passed my FNP boards and am moving to NC from FL in December. I will be living in Fletcher,NC. I heard that you need a doctor to vouch for you in order to get your license? How do people accomplish this if they are from out of state? Also, how difficult is it to get a job as a new grad in that area?



Have you contacted the NC BON to see what the requirements are for licensure. ...that would be my suggestion to find out exactly what's required.

well they require me to have some sort of a contractual relationship with a doctor in order to even be licensed.

Wow..that's crazy ..so you have to submit this contract with the application for licensure?! That's got to be difficult for one who is moving and has no network or connections in place. Making the job search even that more difficult. I just recently passed boards and moved from ga to fla ..so don't have any input as it relates to NC requirements..However I wish you luck in working through the kinks of obtaining your license.


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Congrats and good luck. This organization in Asheville may be a resource: MAHEC

I would recommend getting in contact with their "regional services" division and they may have some advice for your situation.

wow! Thanks guys! I will look into these!

Check with the NCBON. Essentially NC will license you as an RN but then you are "approved to practice" as an NP and this is tied to your individual supervising physician and job. So you will need to be hired as an NP and then submit your application for NP practice to the BON. I would go ahead and apply for an RN license if you know you want to move. Once hired as an NP you will need to create a collaborative practice agreement which details your scope of practice. NC also requires periodic meetings between you and your supervising MD to ensure a quality improvement process is in place. The NCBON has a pretty good website which details all of this. Here is the link...

General Information | North Carolina Board of Nursing