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Hi,I have a situation. The company I work for is very large.It is very widespread.I have worked in the ER/CCU areas for 10 years and I have seen many shift leaders ,managers and directors be hired ,fired and relocated.

Along with these transistions many staff nursess have been fired or encouraged to find other employment.

Prior to this I have seen the same things at local hospitals in the area as well.

Is this the way it is everywhere? How can you respect your supervisors? How can I calm down and believe that I will have a job in the future?

I am fear stricken and I anxious for me and everyone I work with.

Is anyone facing the same problems?


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If there are patients coming through the doors, and you have more experience than the others next to you, they'll fire the ones around you first. Keep this in mind.

Not a mind set that would be greatly appreciated around the unit(s), but it's the darned truth. Also, ICU/EC/ER RN's aren't the easiest to come by. By far, from what I've seen, they will more than likely do away with the "pions" (use that term loosely b/c everybody is there for a huge need and reason) that are unlicensed and non-professionals (ie-UC's, NA's, Transport, Environmental Services (Housekeeping), etc. etc. etc). These are the positions that will go first. Just keep plugging along. This stupid recession will end soon and you'll not have to worry about it much in the future. It's just the here and now, and it will pass just like everything else.

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I am not worried about my job at all. I am strictly a staff nurse by choice. I have been asked to move up the food chain to lower level managment and also to look at the Dept head position. Not a chance. I love what I do as is. I dont like meetings and meetings, they disturb me, I dont like sitting for them.

I will stay where I am at.

However, from what I have been seeing is the department managers are under great pressure. They get hired in or promoted to that position and it seems like a yr later they are all asked to resign or even get fired. If certain goals are not met then they are rapidly put on the chopping block. Personally I will stay where I am, I love pt care. Much less to worry about. and fewer meetings.


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They have to fire the lower levels so the upper management can line their pockets with a bonus or two.....

I personally have seen much of the same thing. It sometimes appears that middle managers and supervisors get changed more often than the bed sheets. Every time some bone-headed executive gets a bright idea to "reorganize" or make changes in order to make it appear as though he or she is actually doing something, heads roll at the middle management level.

Of course, every organization is different, and this may not be the process at everyone's workplace. However, I have seen this pattern many times over and for this reason, I personally feel it is sometimes safer to remain at the staff level in terms of job security. There will always be a need for direct care givers, and believe me, those same executives who pretend to be the experts on patient care are not going to roll up their sleeves and help.

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Keep in mind, middle managers are not the ones who make the decision to lay-off people. They can certainly decide to fire somone for performance or safety reasons, but lay-off decisions are made at the senior level, including the CFO.

The CFO looks at the numbers and as a facility starts getting into the red or stays there and other budget cuts are tried, but fail, then the decision may be made to eliminate personnel or job positions. The CFO tells the CEO or president who works with HR. Once in a while a unit manager may be brought in at this stage, but not usually. They're usually told when it's time to swing the axe and the ones who have to give the bad news. At our place, HR is also there to help do the chopping.

Sometimes the manager will get an order to choose someone to eliminate. Not an easy task for them, especially if the order comes out of the blue.

Usually though, it's done at higher levels and often based on seniority or whether they can overburden someone else in a simlar job while eliminated another of its kind.

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I appreciate your anxiety. My advice is to make yourself valuable, be nice to work with, and take advantage of any and all education or other opportunities. If the worse should happen you will then be a valuable commodity for another employer. Also, if your anxiety affects your life, talk to a healthcare provider.

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