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I graduated LPN school (June 17th) &a job posting came up at school for a peds office near my area. A grad from my school has worked there since 04 and suggested the office send a posting there. I sent a resume immediately. I had the interview yesterday and it went amazing. It is a very busy office with 4 docs. It's just what I was looking for. They are filling one FT position w/2 PT. one 4 hr. sat. a month, no late eves

It was great until pay came up. When I was asked what pay I was expecting I said I was negotiable and would probably be willing to agree on something in their range. There are 4 people interviewing for 2 jobs and the turnover rate is low. She told me that new grads would probably start around $11 and I did not react knowing it would hurt my chances of getting the 2nd interview. I would like to get the job offer and then negotiate pay. I know I am new and lack nursing experience but I just went to school 2 years and 1300 clinical hours, waitressing &balancing a husband and 3 kids. I am mortified! I can't even justify driving 30 min. each way or even pay my loans off with that.

I'm thinking more in the $14 range & I thought I was being realistic. How do I really go about getting that if the offer is $11. we seem way off and I admit I am a bit offended. Should I be or is this normal? I have been offered a job at a nursing home where I did my preceptorship. I can have it the day after I pass state boards. It is close (5 min.) away, the pay is $16 but 2nd shift PT. They offered me $10 to work as an aide until I passed and I declined.

anyhow after a long story, how do I address this pay or are we too far off and I should cut my losses now and keep looking? thanks for listening to me vent and pout .....Amanda


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I would wait until they offer me the job and then suggest a higher pay rate, because thats the time to discuss such things. By then, you will be their only candidate and they will really want you to work there so hopefully they will be flexible. That being said, dr's offices are known to pay much less than elsewhere from all I've heard, and LTC is known to pay the most (for LPNs).

I don't blame you though... I wouldn't take a job making $11 an hour either. I was offered more than that for the last bookkeeping job that I turned down, and thats with zero education in the field.


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What do you think is a reasonable counter offer to them? Should I say I was hoping for something in the $14 range (I would accept $13 because it is very nice and the pay would go up as I get experience). Or should I let them offer me something else by stating that they would need to offer something higher. I don't know the process of what to do now. I just know $11 will not cut it, nor will $12 really. I don't want to cut my nose off to spite my face though, you know. thanks again, amanda

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