job interview tomorrow! Have ?

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Hi everyone,

I need a little help! What kind of questions will be asked of me?

Even though I have not done this type of nursing I do have many

years of LTC and hospital experience to draw on. The job entails

supervision / staff education at a small number of residential group


What types of questions should I be asking of them ? Such as on

call responsibilities? and ?? I have done my research on their

history, philosphosy (sp) locations , funding and such.

Any help, ideas I would so much appreciate!! thanks in advance!

My interview is at noon Thursday.


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I hope this isn't too late...! I work in DD Services managing a day program, but have a huge amount of experience in residential.

I would ask..

- How medically involved are the individuals? (We have one house that's hugely involved, a lady on sliding scale lasix and warfarin, another with seizures, another on constant flow oxygen with acute glaucoma managed by 5 q6-8 hr eye drops, cPaP, BiPaP... but we have houses where they each get maybe 3 meds a day!).

- What certification do staff need for med administration? Are you going to be their "back-up" or on call consultant if there are discrepancies in the med book or questions about PRNs/missed doses?

- What kinds of trainings do the staff already have? Are you going to have to start from scratch and cover all the bases (diet, nutrition, allergy, diabetes, seizure...).

- Would they want you to accompany people to medical appointments to have someone there with a bit more education who could potentially advocate more and also understand better the outcomes/results of the appointments?

- Would you be lisaing with the nursing oversight at the day program(s), if any?

Hmm... I can't think of any more, hope it goes well!! Good luck!

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Good luck!

Let us know how it went... :D

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