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Job Interview

by Gorjes Gorjes (New) New

Okay so I had a job interview yesterday for a Nurse Care Aide, so I can work at the hospital while I'm working on my RN in school. I think the interview went well, but Im super nervous if I got the job or not. The interviewer said that they hire people without experience & since I have experience & I'm going to toward my RN I'm "more desirable" which sounds great. I know they are hiring a few new aids so she said she is doing interviews until Monday so she will call me next week. I also got a tour of the wing I would be working in and have been scheduled to come in for shadowing on Sunday. Does it sound promising? I'm nervous because I really want this job. I think it went well, but Im gonna be going crazy until I get a call.

If the tour, shadowing offer was done after your actual interview, then YES it sounds very promising! There's no point whatsoever in giving someone a tour whom they don't like in an interview, NOR would they set up a shadowing opportunity if they already know they won't be offering you a position.

That said, someone more fab than you could walk in, but if "a few" are sought, it looks good for you :)